The Last Kings Of London: A Preview Of A Coming Classic

In 2015 the crime masterpiece ‘Legend’, by Brian Helgeland, and starring the outrageously talented Tom Hardy exploded on our cinema screens. It was based on the book ‘The Profession of Violence’, written by John Pearson.

It was about the life and times of the Kray twins from East London.

The British love affair with gangster films will continue this year, with the release of a new movie called ‘Last Kings of London’. The story of the Kray’s is well known, but perhaps this has detracted from our understanding of the other major crime figures of that time.

The story is set in the swinging 60’s and it will chart the life and crimes of south London boss Eddie Richardson, who was, some say, even more dangerous, feared and respected than the two twins who were his biggest rivals.

It is based on Eddie’s own biopic ‘The Last Word – My Life as a Gangland Boss’, which was presented with a foreword by Martina Cole.

The Richardson gang were based in south London and they were so notorious that the British press at the time dubbed them “The Torture Gang” .

Their reputation for real, sadistic violence was legendary and including pulling out teeth with pliers, cutting off toes and ears with bolt cutters, and of course nailing the odd geezer to a floor, something the Richardson’s always denied … but which the media and crime historians still write to this day.

This of course made them feared even by the  standards of the day and men like The Krays, Freddie Foreman and the Nash brothers from Islington.

Both Charlie and Eddie were very much the real deal.

The company behind the new film is Epic Movie Productions, who have been working behind the scenes now for 17 months.

They have put together a real dream team, including awarding winning film producer Ray Burdis who made the original ‘The Krays’ in 1990 to critical acclaim and more recently the BAFTA winning crime epic ‘The Wee Man’ about the life and times of Glasgow gangster Paul Ferris.

Also on board with the venture is Robert Stushki, who is an Executive Producer; he brings a real passion for this movie. His interest in the business was ignited when he played a gangster in the movie ‘Best Laid Plans’ which was directed by David Blair.

The producer will be Donna Taylor. She has been in the industry for over 25 years. She began as a professional actress and has had the pleasure of working with some great talent including: Kierston Wareing, Nick Moran, Lynda Bellingham, Vicki Michelle, Nick Nevern, Sharon D Clarke, Saffron Sprakling and many more.

Her passion to make a difference through film is the essence of her work.

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‘Last Kings of London’ is at a very late stage of development, but still has some private equity positions available.

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