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Donald Trump’s Executive Order Is About Bigotry, Not Securing The Borders

The President of the United States is a racist and a bigot.

That’s an unbelievable line to have to actually write, but there is no doubt whatsoever that as unpalatable as that is to put down it is also unquestionably true.

He is also a misogynist, filled with self-loathing which spills over into hate against everyone who offers criticism. He possesses many of the traits of a psychopathic personality, those examples included but also narcissism, constant lying, lack of empathy for others and his compulsion to justify his anti-social behaviour.

Those things seem less important today than that first line; The President of the United States is a racist and a bigot.

Ponder on that for a moment, and the awesome power he holds in his hands.

Andrew Jackson might have been an illiterate hick when he took the Presidency, and was without doubt also a racist and bigot, but he was limited in the damage he could do by virtue of being about 90 years too early for the nuclear codes. George W. Bush was wholly unsuited to the Oval Office, and surrounded himself with neo-con warmongers, but he understood the awesome currents running through the American body politic and he kept well clear of any political move that unleashed the darker variants of them.

He and his people understood and respected the system.

Trump neither understands nor respects it. I feel confident in saying he is both the least qualified and most dangerous person ever to hold the highest office of them all. When historians look back on his term they will be appalled. Those of us who value civilised norms already are.

This ignorant man and his ignorant ilk have their rationalisations, of course.

He claims, and they agree, that his Executive Orders of this weekend, which ban people from seven nations travelling to the United States, are necessary. They aren’t. He claims they will stop terrorism. They won’t. He says they keep Americans safer. They absolutely do not.

In fact, they are callous, unprecedented and dangerous.

They make it more, and not less, likely that the United States and its citizens will become targets of terrorism.

Not only does the Executive Order inflame communities within the US itself – and let’s not forget that in France, here in the UK and across the world it is citizens who have carried out some of the worst atrocities – which he seems blissfully, shockingly oblivious to, but the move is targeted against nations against whom not one charge has ever been proven; in short, these countries did nothing wrong.

No terrorist act on American soil has ever been linked to Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq or Sudan.

On the other hand, a number of nations in the same region have produced men of violence who have targeted the US homeland; Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan and, let’s not forget, the big two, the central junctions through which so much Islamic terrorism has passed in the last two decades; Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Trump’s failure to ban anyone from these countries could have many explanations, but one seems more credible than others; he has business interests in every one of those countries and a ban would adversely affect that.

His decision on Syrian refugees is pure evil.

There is no other word that fittingly describes it.

This ban is certain to be extended in length, and in scope. Other countries will join those already listed. Muslim’s throughout the United States and the world are astonished, and afraid.  They don’t know what might be coming next. They are right to be, as are the millions of dark-skinned people already living in America but who hail from different nations. I include Mexicans and other Latin’s amongst that, because they are clearly on his To Do list.

This weekend’s action is deplorable.

The US Constitution forbids discrimination on religious grounds, so Trump has been forced to coach this in a different way; it’s a blanket ban, but there is a way around it. If you claim to being fleeing religious fanaticism in these countries – which basically means if you claim you are a Christian at risk of persecution – you’re fine. This is the clause which makes it blatantly bigoted and discriminatory, and will probably lead to a court striking it down.

But America’s reputation for tolerance has taken monumental hit here.

Yes, it is Americans themselves who are taking the fight to him over this – particularly organisations like the ACLU, to whom I urge every reader to consider making a donation – but that will all too readily be overlooked and forgotten as the consequences of what he’s done begin to reverberate.

The world got more dangerous this weekend, and America more than anywhere.

True ignorance now reigns supreme in Washington, where Republicans are making a rod for their own backs that will scourge them for decades and the Democrats are too frozen, fearful, to put up a genuine fight. This is a dark day for the country’s tolerant citizens.

On the other hand, it will certainly be celebrated in America and across the world by those who thrive on such divisive politics.

The far right is having its day.

Here in the UK the despicable Farage is already urging a similar action, in his own deep rooted ignorance that such a thing is quite impossible at the moment with our membership of the EU still intact. But he’s maybe looking to a distant horizon where that’s not the case and then anything goes.

We can sneer at the moment, at Trump and his bigoted plans, but we better not take our eyes off the ball here at home, lest we wake up in the not too distant future, with similar measures being pushed by the lunatic fringes here.

What a dreadful time we’re living in.

Keep your heads up, and stay in the game.

Promoting tolerance and respect – and shutting down the haters – has never been more important.

You can make a donation to the ACLU by clicking on this link. 

If you like the work this site does and want to support it, please share these articles on social media. If you want to help us meet running costs you can make a donation at the Paypal link below. 

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