Alien Autopsy Or Just Another Dodgy Student Film? You Decide!

We all now know the legend of Roswell right? The alien flying saucer the US military said was a weather balloon ( aye yer maw) found in New Mexio in 1947.

But only there are internet rumours of an even bigger cover-up, this time in Russia … and this one alleges a secret going back half a century.

According to the story, in 1969  the KGB rescued an unknown craft, probably shot down by their military, in a forest in the northern part of Russia.

In the craft there was said to be several very small humanoid type beings.

Was an autopsy performed by the government?

Was there a cover up?

And is this the video that proves it?

Or is it just another dodgy student movie, albeit a well made one?

You decide 🙂

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