About Us

ReLoaded Digital aims to be the best website on the planet and until we are the editorial team will be ever-evolving.


This is who we are, for now …


Mr Green:
Mr Green is James Forrest, a blogger, writer and general scoundrel from Glasgow, Scotland. He writes on politics, movies, games, football, crime and a host of other subjects. He’s the author of three self-published books on Kindle, considers himself an authority on crap 80’s music, US elections, the secret history of the Scottish Labour Party and Celtic Football Club. He actually knows very little about these subjects, but he can make it sound like he does! He is a non-stop talker, a patriotic Scot, one of the 45% and voted to Remain in the EU, which he never tires of reminding people whether they want to hear it or not!


Mr Pink:
Mr Pink is Brian Anderson, an award winning photojournalist from Glasgow, Scotland. He is the co-author of a book called Faces Of The Underworld, a photo record of some of the biggest and most notorious gangland figures in the UK and beyond. He worked for many years in the mainstream press as a photographer and still freelances today. He runs a local photojournalism magazine called Glasgow Eyes, which is a photographic record of his city and its people. He is a respected authority on crime, both historic and current, and he thinks he’s a dab hand on the karaoke machine, where his only true equal is the aforementioned Mr Green.


Mr Blue

Mr Blue is Sean Thomas Graham, a writer and blogger from Glasgow, Scotland. He has written for an amazing number of publications and on an array of subjects from football to music. He is very much an authority on both those subjects in particular, and his eclectic tastes means he enjoys both without bias or prejudice. Sean is as happy at a junior game as he is at a Premiership ground, and would be just as chuffed watching an unknown band in a bar as he would be in a concert hall. He has worked with Mr Green and Mr Pink for a number of years, on a number of projects and is an all-round Bloody Good Bloke.


Mr Red

Mr Red is Steve Wraith, a promoter, actor, writer and independent publisher from Newcastle, England. He has worked with some of the biggest names in sport south of the border, including Antony Joshua and Alan Shearer. He has a wide variety of contacts and friends, and he writes on sport, crime, culture and media. He has worked with Mr Pink on a number of projects and is considered the most level headed member of the editorial team!


Mr Burgundy

Mr Burgundy is Jonny Garner, an occasional blogger and full-time party animal from Glasgow, Scotland. He is a definite authority on late night drinking, DVD box sets, music and standing up straight whilst wasted. Among his many vices are a love of Glasgow Celtic, concerts in muddy fields and an addiction to good TV shows. He writes on music and popular culture, occasionally dabbling in football and political issues. He strongly dislikes Nigel Farage.



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