A London Goodfella At 50

Family, friends and associates gathered in South London this weekend to pay homage to Joey Pyle Jnr son of the late Joey Pyle, as he celebrated reaching his half century.

Big Joey Pyle was a major player in London’s underworld during the 1960s, alongside names such as the Krays, the Richardsons, Freddie Foreman and the Nash brothers.

Joey Snr made much of his living from providing protection for bars around the city.

He was arrested and put on trial twice. On the first occasion the trial collapsed after suggestions of jury intimidation. The second broke down when witnesses refused to testify. His luck – if you can call it that – ran out in 1992 when he was convicted for masterminding a drug ring.

He spent five years inside, and on his release in 1997 he said he’d put his life on the streets behind him.

The family has always carried tremendous respect; they are of the “old school.”

Joey Jnr, a boxing promoter and film producer, is a chip off the old block.

ReLoaded was given unparalleled access to the party at Dave Courtney’s place in Plumstead.

Underworld figures from all over England, Scotland and Wales turned out for the event, as the booze flowed, with the entertainment continuing into the wee hours.

Of course in true mob fashion no party would be complete without a crooner, and Old Blue Eyes  himself was on hand to perform hits like My Way, courtesy of one of the greatest Sinatra’s Steven Triffitt, who puts on performances all over the world, and has performed for Simon Cowell, David Beckham and even the Royal Family.

The flashbulbs were going into overdrive as Maureen Flanagan was spotted, and she quickly sought out the birthday boy.

Flanagan was a tabloid model during the 1960’s, when she was a frequent guest at every major party.

She was photographed numerous times by the great, the famous, David Bailey, and she was often on TV, including on the Benny Hill show.

She was, of course, close to all the crime lords, especially the notorious Kray brothers who ruled the East End of London until they were arrested in 1968.

In fact, Reggie proposed to her three times.

Overall, it was quite a night … and ReLoaded Digital was pleased to be there … in fact we were the only media outlet that was!

All the photos in this article were taken by ReLoaded Digital’s Mr Pink, AKA Brian Anderson.

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